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Use this class if you have HTML items that need to be displayed at specific geo coordinates on the map and cluster based on the zoom level. You need to subclass this class. Then use it as a react component inside DeckGL.


For example code see Unesco World Heritage.

Methods to override


Override to provide an array of Objects that need clustering. If the items have not changed please provide the same array to avoid regeneration of the cluster which causes performance issues.


Override to provide coordinates for each object of getAllObjects(). Return array of two numbers.

renderObject(coordinates, object)

Override to return an HtmlOverlayItem for the single object at coordinates.

renderCluster(coordinates, clusterId, pointCount)

Override to return an HtmlOverlayItem for the cluster at coordinates. pointCount is the number of objects that are represented by that cluster. Use getClusterObjects(clusterId) to get cluster contents.

Methods (provided)


Returns an array of objects.


Override to return options used when instantiating the overlay and thus the underlying supercluster object.